World Patients Safety Day in Columna Medica

On 25 September 2022, over 30 people took part in the conference dedicated to the celebration of the World Patients Safety Day.

Traditionally, after saying hello to one another, a group of active conference participants went for Nordic walking march with Jadwiga Iwańska, our trainer . And you have to realize that the environment in Columna Medica is beautiful, the facility is surrounded by pine forests, meadows and streams. A walk in such environment conveys many good impressions.

In the midst of the pandemic, a polluted planet, and increasing diseases such as cancer, asthma, and heart disease, on World Patients Safety Day 2022, WHO is focusing global attention on urgent actions to keep people healthy. This year’s motto is: Medication Safety.

Jolanta Bilińska, the president of the Patients Safety Foundation, gave a message about stopping this year in the rush of everyday affairs, to take care of health not only on the occasion of the holiday. She reminded that the holiday was established by the World Health Organization in 2019.

The inaugural lecture was devoted to the problems of heart. Doctor Krzysztof Sokolowski led us through the meanders of the physiology of heart, necessary diagnose, gave advice on how to behave before going to work, showed the human activity practically hour by hour for 24 hours in an interesting way, helped many of us realize how important is keep our heart in good condition.

In next lecture, doctor Elżbieta Majzner, showed many examples helping to keep us in good condition . She gave advise how to take medicine, which interactions happens when we took more than 5 medicine at once. She also recommended to have in mobile a list of medicine which can help to show it at the doctor.

We had also laughtherapy with dr Clown and presentation about lost hair. This speech presented Anja Talarek, professional trichologist.

Photos from our meeting and presentations will be available on our website.

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