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East – East Program Final Report – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

East – East Program Final Report

Patient Safety Foundation and All-Ukrainian Charitable not for profit organization Council for Patients Rights and Security have just finished a project title Partnership exchange of experience and assistance with creation of national movement  for Patient Safety.

Our main goals were: trained and educate patients about their rights, make patients aware about medical errors and ways of coping with them. We had many times discussed about health care system and priorities in it. We tried to resolved development and implementation of standards of medical services, medical insurance, safe technologies and many other issues.  The most important point of the project it was International Conference Patient Safety; New Challenge – New Approach. During the conference many participants: patients, clinicians, authorities have had possibility to  describe situation in which we need to introduce new communications patterns between medical staff and patients. It was also a lesson for all of us how the situation of patients looks from different point of view. Jolanta Bilinska and Barbara Kutryba from Poland presented  patients rights in their country and WHO initiative Patients For Patient Safety. Very interesting presentation gave also Margaret Murphy, member of steering group PFPS.

The activity of both organizations was divided in some stages: first one was preparing of materials useful for conference and this  meeting in June itself.  Second aim of this project was a creation a multileveled infrastructure of experts and institutions in Poland and Ukraine in order to further work on patients safety issues in both countries.

In my opinion it is very important that we have planned long-term goals like: involvement of the society in legislative and practical activity on reforming health system in Poland and Ukraine, strengthening cooperation between Patients Safety Foundation and All Ukrainian Council for Patients Rights and Security and World Alliance For Patients Safety.

We tried to provide relevant context for the development of Polish Network of Patients Safety.

For Patients safety Foundation the most important part of these project was hosting for Ukrainian Delegation in Poland in July 2007.

Ukrainian Delegation members:

  1. Serdiuk Victor, Vice – president of All Ukraininan Council for Patients Rights and Security , 01133 Ukraine, Kyiev, vul. L. Pervomayskogo 9 A of.5
  • Kvartiuk Vasyl Projects Coordinator of All Ukrainian Council for Patients  Rights and Security and Patient Safety Champion of the Global Patients for patient Safety of the World Alliance for Patients Safety,
  • Igor Shpak, Director of the Department of Quality Control and Inspection of Medical Institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Jolanta Bilińska founder Patients Safety Foundation

Person from Poland – participants Patient safety Workshop and international conference Patient Safety New Challenge – New Approach

Traveling to Kiev 1 – 3.06.2007 – Jolanta Bilińska (Founder of the Patients Safety Foundation, head of department of international cooperation in Health Fund in Łodź ) and Barbara Kutryba (Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Patient Safety and ESQH Council member)