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Patient Safety in Czech and Poland – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

Patient Safety in Czech and Poland

Patients Safety Foundation in Poland  started collaboration with Czech Association of Patients and they will organize together an awareness Program for Patients Safety.

This problem of patients safety is a global problem and there is no such country which is safe from any adverse medical events. There is no distinction between developing and developed country when we address this issue. Nevertheless, the probability of medical harm is much higher in our countries because of lack of basic resources and poor regulations concerning medical practice. It is imperative to create awareness and an effective infrastructure all around Europe in order to tackle the issues of patient safety with regard to local conditions and peculiarities.

The first step of this collaboration included a visit of polish foundation in order to meet with key people representing Czech Association of Patients. It is also planned to organize an International Patient Safety Roundtable next year for all people from Europe. This meeting is planned for 50 people.  We will share all information in the website and also prepare a leaflet about main issues important for every patients like: his rights, institutions in both countries which could help a patients, a list with London Declaration, questionnaire about hand hygiene, some information about key matters like intra hospital infections etc. During the program we could organize a training for group from other countries.

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