The 3rd Roundtable on Patient safety in Slovakia

The 3rd Roundtable on Patient safety in Slovakia

It was event with international participation organized in framework of the Biennial Collaborative Agreement between the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic for the years 2012-2013 took place at the Congress Hall of the Ministry of Health SR on 27 November 2012 in Bratislava. The aim of the 3rd Roundtable was to improve the quality and safety of public health services through an integrated approach focusing on patient, provider and service

The national coordinator appointed by the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Bandura with a strong organizational and logistic support of the WHO Country Office (namely Dr. Darina Sedláková, Head of the office) in collaboration with the Health Care Surveillance Authority contributed to the success of the meeting. The roundtable was opened by Darina Sedláková and Dr. Mário Mikloši, General Director of the Health Department of Ministry of Health. Dr. Valentina Hafner, programme manager of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, who delivered a presentation about the recent developments in patient safety strategies in WHO. The topics of the first session of the meeting were legislative framework for the safety of patients in SR , reporting systems and learning from adverse events in health care, patient safety in the work of HCSA and the place and the role of insurance in PS .

The second session focused on the introduction of tools to improve the quality of care, satisfaction with the services provided and to reduce adverse events in health care. Presentations were dealing with the risk management in healthcare provision (Italian experience), patient safety in inpatient care, nosocomial infections, patient safety in primary health care, patients for patient safety in Poland, patient experience in improving PS, patient safety in the provision of inpatient care, and the ways to improve PS by the pharmaceutical company. Mrs Jolanta Bilinska from Poland, being a Champion of patient safety, made a big impression by her presentation on collaboration of patients on European level.

The third session was organised as a panel discussion facilitated by Peter Bandura. The panellists discussed about collaboration and integration of individual partners and segments, institutional framework, reporting systems and learning from failure and about patient and public engagement.

Peter Bandura and Valentina Hafner presented the final proposals and recommendations that were suggested and formulated during the whole duration of the roundtable: there is a need to prepare a supportive legal and regulatory mechanisms for the creation of non-repressive reporting and learning system from adverse events , to develop a national advisory working group with the participation of the Ministry of Health, Medical Association, SMA, HCSA, Nurses Association, health insurance companies, hospitals, associations, patient organizations, with support and advice from WHO. Next step will be a

development of an action plan to implement the agenda for patient safety using existing laws and prepare the necessary legislative changes in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission for patient safety

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