Patients Rights in Albania

All participants during the international meeting in Tirana in December 2009 presented achievement in patients’ rights in their countries.  They also made a resolute – action plan for future. Main points were: health is a right, therefore it should originate from people. It deserves serious attention by policy makers and active civil society to develop policies and establish working plans now and for future. Patient’s rights are becoming a concern of increased importance by EU institutions and stakeholders, especially in relation with the New Directive on Patients Rights and cross-border care presented on July 2008. Active Citizenship Network (ACN) in 2002 established a European Charter of Patients’ Rights, which includes the following 14 rights: the right to preventive measures, access care, information, consent, free choice, privacy and confidentiality, respect of patient’s time, observance of quality standards, safety, innovation, avoidance of unnecessary suffering and pain, personalized treatment, to complain, to receive compensation. All these rights are fundamental in relation to European citizens and healthcare services.

Participants were from Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia.

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