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IAPO Meeting – London – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

IAPO Meeting – London

With an IAPO Governing Board Meeting taking place in London it was a great opportunity to bring together IAPO members in the UK, to meet Board and staff, discuss the IAPO Strategic Plan 2010-2014 and identify areas for collaboration. 
The meeting included an overview of the IAPO Strategic Plan 2010-2014, a presentation on opportunities for members in the Strategic Plan and time for every member to share with information on their organization’s work.  The meeting highlighted that there are many areas for collaboration at all levels and for this reason IAPO plans to facilitate greater connections with and between members.  Thank you to all members who attended the IAPO Members’ Meeting.  As we move forward in this strategic period, we hope that all members can identify opportunities for greater involvement in our work and look forward to our continued work together.

The IAPO strategy was developed in consultation with Members and has enabled us to identify that Members find value in their Membership of IAPO through collaboration, networking, and sharing information and experience, whilst seeking greater involvement in policy activities, and working groups. For this reason, these areas are included in the Membership Strategy and activities to achieve our strategic objectives for 2010-2014. Collaboration was clearly identified as the most significant benefit of IAPO Membership throughout the consultation and to support this, the following collaborative activities will be available to Members in this strategic period:

Policy working groups

Online tools and forums

Engagement with international healthcare policymakers and stakeholders

Twinning/Patient Advocate Learning and Exchange Programme

Regional networks

Partnerships with other patients organizations

Global Patients Congress

IAPO Member Induction


Opportunities to attend the World Health Organization (WHO) meetings

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