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Dear Patients – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

Dear Patients

Dear Patients,

Do you always leave the surgery happy and satisfied with the treatment you received?

Have you ever felt disappointed with communication with the doctor?

Do you always get all the information needed?

Are you always informed about all the possible treatment choices?

Do you feel a partner with your doctor?

If not, this page is for you.

Patients – safety what is it all about? It should be most fundamental rule in medical treatment but in practice it is not. Even in the recognized clinics in best hospitals in Western Europe and in United States patients are not so safe as it seems.
As retrospective studies show if there had been no medical errors 98.000 people would still be alive.

In our country the information about medical errors is not provided. One can find out about these errors accidentally when legal court investigation, due to compensation claims becomes public.

Polish patients can not fight for their rights for safe and successful treatment, because they don’t know how to talk with the doctor about diseases, complications and prognosis.

As research results reveal doctors, who committed medical error, more willingly report it their supervisor than admit it to patients.

To reduce the number of adverse effect due to medical errors the safety measures should be introduced. The similar measures has been applied in aviation and reduced the number of air accidents.

I hope that all people who care about their safety and safety of their families and friends will join us.

Those who would like to share the experience (bad and good) are welcome to do so.

Jolanta Ewa Bilińska