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Aid for Afghanistan – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

Aid for Afghanistan

Physicians, medical nurses and volunteers of the Patient Safety Foundation are preparing themselves for humanitarian and medical campaign in two Afghani provinces: Ghazni and Paktika – the places where the Polish Military Contingent is stationed. They will set off in five 7-people groups. Each group is to stay in Afghanistan for two weeks.

During the so-called white weeks inhabitants of the foregoing provinces will be provided with medical, psychological and humanitarian aid. Physicians will try to reach health centres and also villages that have not been provided with such aid so far.

The actions that were planned to be taken by the Foundation’s volunteers include: preventive examinations, training in proper care over infants, gynaecological examinations (conducted by women), implementing “the clean hands” program in compliance with WHO standards, organizing and providing equipment for three hygiene rooms at school, training teachers in rendering first aid, preparing first aid medicine kits for local communities (for dressing wounds or immobilizing fractures of lower and upper limbs).

The Foundation organized a 1-month internship at the clinical hospital in Łódź for three physicians from Afghanistan. We have already managed to collect clothes, blankets, socks, medicines and vaccinations for inhabitants of the Ghazni and Paktika provinces.

Picture 1 In June 2007 members of the Foundation went to Iraq to provide humanitarian aid. When visiting the country they gave donations in villages, hospitals and schools.

Picture 2 During the white weeks the Foundation’s physicians will examine patients and prescribe medicines.

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