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8-10 september 2008 r. Meeting in the Center for public cooperation In Warsaw – Fundacja Bezpieczeństwo dla Pacjentów

8-10 september 2008 r. Meeting in the Center for public cooperation In Warsaw

On September 8 – 10, 2008 in the Center for public cooperation In Warsaw was held meeting devoted to introduction of principles for patients safety in health system in North – East countries in Europe. I presented the role of non government organization in education and raising awareness by patients and by health authorities also. It was second step in the East East project sponsored by Batory Foundation. Last year Patient Safety Foundation organized similar meeting in Lodz, now this project was run by Federation of Polish Patients and Eastern European and Asian Organizations for Patient Safety. I was so happy that I met in Warsaw patient activists from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia and Belgium.
We discussed many issues related to improvement for patients: for example we want to introduce in the Medical University special courses for nurses and clinicians about patient safety, we want to have procedures, rules  in the hospitals which help patients and clinicians better understand all situations in the hospital. We agree about disadvantages which are common for our countries like too small account of epidemiology nurses, too small account of beds and laboratory examinations during patients staying in the hospital. We also have discussed about counterfeit medicines in our region and new chances for patients who are living in UE countries.

All of us agree that priority is that Patients voice will be heard by others parts of health system. We want that Patient centered system of public services should be most important at formation of new law system not only in Poland but in whole region. We need to be a part of the government, patients organization,  and representatives of the medical care.  
This project gives us power for changes not only in Poland but generally in region. Next step in this project will take part in Moldavia. Batory Foundation invited me as an expert to come there.

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