Huda will leave the world of silence

Huda will leave the world of silence – TREATMENT OF A 5-YEAR-OLD IRAQI GIRL

Owing to Polish people’s generosity at the concert held on 15 November 2007 at
the Grand Theatre in Łódź we were able to raise money for implantation of the cochlear implant to Huda Ali Mohammad Hamdallah, a 5-year-old Iraqi girl.

In June 2007 the girl visited Łódź for the first time being invited by the Archdiocesan Chaplaincy of Deaf People and the Patient Safety Foundation. Now, owing to the auction of the painting by Danuta Muszyńska-Zamorska, a famous Łódź painter, as well as the cake made by the Miś Brothers patisserie, it will be possible to complete all formalities related to the visit of the Iraqi girl and her father to Poland.

The little Iraqi girl aroused interest of Polish physicians of the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanized Brigade at Delta base. At the base there was no diagnostic equipment that could help to establish the cause of Huda’s deafness.

General Mirosław Różański, the commander of the Delta Base decided that the child should be sent to Poland for treatment.

The child underwent thorough diagnostic examinations at the otolaryngology clinic managed by Professor Andrzej Makowski at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Research Institute. Unfortunately, the child was born deaf and when undergoing the hearing test she did not react even to 100 decibels. The only hope for the girl is implantation of the cochlear implant at the Institute of Hearing Physiology and Pathology in Warsaw.

The operation costs about 70,000. In March 2008 Huda is coming to Warsaw with her father to undergo the operation.

Charity concert at the Grand Theatre in Łódź on 15 November 2007

The guests attending the concert at the Grand Theatre were among others: General Mirosław Różański, Włodzimierz Fisiak, Marshal of the Łódź Province, Włodzimierz Tomaszewski, Mayor of Łódź City. The gala concert was hosted by Magda Michalak and Leszek Bonar of TVP3 station. The concert was dedicated to deaf children and its motto was “Caring about children is putting us on the way to heaven”.

The concert was organized jointly by Piotr Turek, a priest working with deaf people, and Jolanta Bilińska, President of the Patient Safety Foundation.

Famous Polish artists, such as Uruszla, Stachursky, Marcin Wolski and Majewski were its honourable performers.

Picture 1: The painting made by a famous portrait painter presenting Huda in the foreground attracted attention of all people attending the concert; the picture presents the priest, Piotr Turek and the hosts of the concerts, Magda Michalak and Leszek Bonar, Łódź TVP 3 station journalists.

Picture 2: Jolanta Bilińska and Beata Kosiorek Aszkielaniec of the Patient Safety Foundation went to Iraq to bring the little Iraqi girl to Poland.

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